Cork City - Whats On In West Cork

Situated on islands on the River Lee, sheltered by surrounding slopes it is a place of charm, vitality and culture at the head of the largest natural harbour in Europe. Cork has a maritime history spanning over a thousand years, set in a beautiful soft coastal environment where land, the people and their culture will allow you to discover a quirky way to stimulate your senses. With a young population due to its universities, colleges and Hi-Tech industries the City of Cork is a hopping place with music and venues, a cafe and food culture and a vibrant theatre, music and club scene. Cork city is full of culture, adventure, and character and always leaves you coming back for more. From Shandon Bells to Cork Opera house, dog cafes to the delicious food in the English market, Cork delights because there’s something new to discover around each corner. The Rebel City has a complex history, surrounded by waterways and packed with grand Georgian avenues but it’s the people who stand out the most. From Rory Gallagher & Cillian Murphy to Graham Norton and the O’Donovan brothers, the people of Cork have a certain magic about them.

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