Bandon - Whats On In West Cork

The town is named after the river (The Bridge on the Bandon) and not the other way around. Originally two walled towns on either river bank protecting the bridge it was "planted" as an English town in the 16th Century with Catholics forbidden in the town and removed from a five mile radius during the Munster Plantation under Elizabeth I. Until the bridge was built here in 1585 the only way into West Cork was by fording the river here.

Surrounded by gorgeous countryside, the sea, as always in West Cork, is nearby. It is said that Bandon is ‘7 miles from 7 beaches’. History and heritage are important aspects of the town, Bandon dates back to 1604, and the West Cork Heritage Centre is used frequently by visitors tracing their ancestry.

Located in the heart of the best farmland of West Cork the Bandon River valley is very popular with anglers thanks to the fantastic salmon and trout fishing in the area. The farmers market on Saturdays is a great way to meet local producers and try some local fare. Once home to Ireland's third largest distillery (Allman's) It is also the home town of TV personality Graham Norton (Walker) who has a riverside walk named after him.

Top Tip: After a stroll across the footbridge to see the weir and famous Whale Pass (ask a local!) follow the route through the modern flats on the north bank to the West Cork Heritage Centre in the former Christchurch.

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